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Camelian Glade - GONNAGETU (Official Music Video)

An electric modern Frankenstein scene with bold, flashy visuals

The song "Gonna Get You" by Camelian Glade had everything I was looking for. A percussive and gritty chorus. Wailing distortion. Electrifying pace.

The crushed electronic wails and busy snaps, clicks and whooshes feel like a vintage movie mad scientist’s lair. Dials, buttons and electricity surround a manic and nervous young Victor Frankenstien, alone in a dark room. His creation is spread out on a table covered in sheets and twine. Megawatts of electricity and lightning spark as the monster comes alive. Victor is in exalted shock as his creation jerks to the beat. This song reanimates the classic scene with a surge of pure awesomeness.

Shot on c100, edited and graded in Final Cut Pro X. 3D reprojection and lightning effects made in After Effects.


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