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2020 Year in Review - Motion Design

A unique historical lookback with a central typographical design

I built this video and planned it to premiere at the same time as the "Google Year in Search" video. Thinking back to all the wild events of 2020, I placed the whole saga in the concept of typography.

I broke apart the text of "2020" into fractured chunks of font and used these as bespoke windows into important historical and cultural events of the year. The message was that every one of these disparate elements feels obtuse and strange in its own context, and they're all roving in random directions. This all starts to make sense toward the end of the year, when greater themes emerge and the pieces once though to be aimless all converge. When they finally meet as one, a complete structure to this period of time is felt through our collective memory - alas, the title "2020" begins to shrink into the past.

Edited in Final Cut Pro X.

Featuring a lyric video of "Son of it All" by Don McCloskey.


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